About Mike

Mike is a 2nd year PhD student in linguistics at McGill University. He is interested in the syntax (particularly at the syntax-phonology interface) of Algonquian languages (& other 'non-configurational' languages, such as Japanese) and using field work and experimental data to test syntactic theory. He is also interested in the practical application of descriptive linguistic work in supporting community-based documentation and revitalization programs.

Wiki update & Algonquian bibliographies…

The grammar wiki is beginning to take shape as Gretchen has wrote a brief introduction and listed some possible starting points for topics. Let us know if you would like to write about a topic once you have sent us your revised page(s) from the old wiki. We are looking for volunteers!

As well, I have put up a gloss-ary with glossing standards we would like everyone to use on the grammar wiki. It includes a working list of abbreviations based on the Leipzig Glossing Conventions (see the sidebar on this page). Please feel free to add (or possibly delete) abbreviations, but please send me a message if you do so we can make sure to keep everything consistent. I have included a notes column beside in the terms table to make these terms as transparent as possible to a wide audience. So feel free to add links to your page if you address any of these terms explicitly, or add comments. Also, the table itself is a user-sortable table. Click on the symbol beside the header of a column to sort the table in different manners. Please let me know what you think about the appropriateness this style of table.

In other news, Jessica has found an informative Algonquian bibliography made by Connor. Here is a comprehensive Algonquian bibliography I found a little while ago. Take a look if you get a chance!