About Yuliya

Yuliya is a recent M.A. graduate of the Linguistics program at McGill. Her M.A. paper explored two types of noun incorporation in Mi'gmaq. She has previously done research on obviation in Mi'gmaq and helped develop LingSync in its early stages (in collaboration with iLanguage Lab). Yuliya received her BA in Linguistics from Concordia University in 2012.

Links of Interest

I recently attended a talk by a Rutgers alumni who has been studying Cheyenne, a Plains Algonquian language, for six years. Her dissertation was on evidentiality and gives a brief overview of the grammar, which I thought was interesting. It can be found right on her webpage: http://conf.ling.cornell.edu/sem/index.shtml

Also, this conference may be of interest! http://conf.ling.cornell.edu/SULA7/index.html