About the people

How we began…

The partnership between the McGill Linguistics Department and the Listuguj Community began as a Linguistic Field Methods course taught at McGill University in the fall of 2011. The mixed graduate/undergraduate course––led by Jessica Coon and Michael Wagner––collaborated with Listuguj community member and McGill PhD student, Janine Metallic, to document and analyze the grammar of the Eastern Algonquian language, Mi’gmaq.

At the end of the course, the McGill group traveled to Listuguj to meet and discuss their work with language teachers and elders at the Listuguj Education Directorate. The current partnership has grown out of this work, and aims to bring Mi’gmaq speakers, teachers, and linguists together to develop a deeper understanding of the grammar of the language, to develop teaching material, and to facilitate the learning, speaking, and promotion of Mi’gmaq.

The Project Today

Now, there are many levels of collaboration between community members and linguists from Montreal. The current programs are discussed on our Projects page.

The People Involved

This website is home to a team of linguists and consultants associated with McGill and Concordia Universities, and it is also a point of contact for Mi’gmaq language learners, teachers, and supporters from Listuguj, QC. Learn more about who is involved under the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

From left to right: Elise, Carol, and Vicky with Listuguj in the background

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