Alan Bale

Alan Bale is Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Concordia University in Montréal. He received his PhD from McGill in 2006 and did his post-doctoral studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2006-8). His work discusses number, comparison and grammatical competition, exploring grammatical representations in both children and adults. Recent publications include “A universal scale of comparison” (Linguistics and Philosophy), “The interpretation of functional heads: Using comparatives to explore the mass/count distinction” (with D. Barner, Journal of Semantics), “Scales and comparison classes” (Natural Language Semantics), and “To agree without AGREE: The case for semantic agreement” (North East Linguistic Society).  In April 2014, he gave a talk as part of the Workshop on structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas (WSCLA) at Memorial University in Saint John’s NL, entitled “Quantity Impicatures and Evidentiality in Mi’gmaq.”  He published “Classifiers are for numerals, not nouns: Evidence from Mi’gmaq and Chol” (Linguistic Inquiry) in conjunction with Jessica Coon.  An excerpt of this paper can be found here.  For the full paper and for more information, please contact either Alan or Jessica.  His article “The interaction of person and number in Mi’gmaq” written in conjunction with Jessica Coon will appear in Nordlyd in a special issue on Features.

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