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Janine Metallic, a Mi’gmaq from Listuguj, Quebec, is a PhD candidate in McGill’s Department of Integrated Studies in Education. She is a fluent Mi’gmaw language speaker and has an educational background in health, science, language, and education. Janine’s PhD research focuses on the language stories and experiences of young adult Mi’gmaq who are learning their heritage language as a second language. Currently, Janine is working part-time as a Mi’gmaq language consultant in the Department of Linguistics.

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  1. Hello, Janine! My name is Tim Hall, and I’m the language coordinator for the Teslin Tlingit First Nation in the Yukon territory. I’ve begun the process of learning my native language over the past couple years, and have been doing some masters course work at the University of Alaska researching language acquisition. At some point in my studies, I discovered Stephen Greymorning and his oral-visual teaching method, and then found that some Mi’gmaq people in New Brunswick had developed that idea for their own language! (I also did my undergrad at Mta in Sackville, so know the maritimes fairly well :)

    I just wanted to get in touch with your team, and learn more about your method and what you guys are doing in Listuguj. I have read a couple of the papers published by Mela Sarkar and Mali A’n Metallic, and was totally intrigued, as developing some language material using images to teach grammar is what I want to develop for my own language…is this work something you’re familiar with?

    Also, I noticed on your guys’ website that you have flashcards for learning language content…I recently found an amazing book, called Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner, that is all about using computerized flash cards and spaced repetition systems, which is basically an app shares a lot in common with the Greymorning approach. Check it out (he has a website as well), it has been very useful for me…

    Anyway, would be great to hear back from you and make contact!

    Tim Hall (or Shkooyéil in Lingít)

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