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Over the summer of 2012, members of the Mi’gmaq Research Project worked with the teachers at the Listuguj Education Directorate to make a digital version of the Mi’gmaq classes students take at the Directorate. The software used is called CAN-8, and it is a great tool for language-learning when the teacher is far away.

Right now, the Mi’gmaq CAN-8 has a lot of content uploaded, but we are developing more. If you’re interested in becoming a test-driver for the program, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Joe Wilmot to get the address for the server, as well as a username and password. Joe’s email is joew [at] listugujeducation [dot] com
  2. Download the CAN8 program by downloading the files here and here. Note that CAN8 only runs on PC computers.
  3. Install CAN8.
    1. Move the ZIP file and the EXE file you just downloaded to your C:/Program Files folder.
    2. Expand the ZIP if you computer hasn’t already done it automatically. You can usually do this just by double-clicking.
    3. Run the EXE–a window should pop up for CAN8.
  4. Use your server address and login information to explore the CAN8 material.
  5. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us! Our email address is info [at] migmaq [dot] org
  6. Subscribe to the blog to keep updated about new lessons added to CAN8!

To get involved, please feel free to leave a reply below.

7 thoughts on “CAN-8 Virtual Language Lab

  1. Would like to know how I could gain access to this site. I have heard several of my co-workers talking about it.
    Thank You
    Tina Girvan

    • Hi Tina,
      Thanks for your interest in CAN-8, it’s very exciting to hear that your co-workers are talking about it!
      Did you follow the instructions on this page? What happened when you tried?

      • I can also give you access to the Can8 Program, or can let Joe know that you would like access. My email is and if you email me with your first and last name I can set up an account for you.

  2. Hi Joe!

    In 2013, you emailed me log in information for the Can8 language lessons. The site would not grant me access no matter how many times I tried. When I returned your email message expressing my access issues, you did not respond. Please contact me when you get a minute to let me know what I can do differently. Thanks!

    • Hi Tracy,
      I’ll be in touch with Joe to give more precise advice, but I’ll do my best to help out here until we manage to stop playing phone tag! Which site is it you have been trying to access? Have you downloaded the CAN-8 program?

  3. is out!

    This is a website for learning the Mi’gmaq language online. It can be used independently, or to supplement classroom learning.

    In each section, you will find units consisting of lessons on related topics. In each lesson, you will learn new vocabulary, practice short dialogs, and do exercises to practice what you have learned so far. You will be able to listen to recordings of different Mi’gmaq speakers so that you can practice listening and speaking in Mi’gmaq above all else.

    These lessons were developed by the Mi’gmaq Partnership between Listuguj Education Directorate, McGill University, and Concordia University. As a result, most of the speakers are from Listuguj, and their pronunciation may be different from that in your home community.

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