Learn Mi’gmaq!

We have many levels of collaboration between Listuguj community members and linguists from Montreal. The current programs have five main branches:

  • Grammar Wiki & Linguistic Research, headed by the McGill Linguistics team, particularly Gretchen McCullogh, Michael Hamilton, and Erin Olson.
  • Master-Apprentice Program, headed by Victoria Metallic.
  • Mi’gmaq Curriculum Development, collaboration between Mary Ann Metallic, Janice Vicaire, and Carol Little.
  • CAN-8 Virtual Language Lab, collaboration between various community members, the teachers, Joe Wilmot, Elise McClay, and Conor Quinn, informed by the above curriculum.
  • iLanguage App Development, headed by Alan Bale, Elise McClay and the iLanguage team.



  • SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, 2013–2016: “Developing mobile learning applications for the Mi’gmaq language: New opportunities for language research and revitalization” #890-2012-0091. Jessica Coon, Alan Bale, Gail Metallic, and Michael Wagner.
  • SSHRC Connection Grant 2012–2013: “A community–linguistics collaboration for revitalizing Migmaq in Listuguj” #611-2012-0001. Jessica Coon, Alan Bale and Michael Wagner.
  • FQRSC 2013–2016: “Personne et nombre dans les langues Mi’gmaq et Kaqchikel: Conséquences pour la concordance” #2014-NP-173835. Jessica Coon.


One thought on “Learn Mi’gmaq!

  1. Wonderful work ! My warmest congratulations to m’set uen :)

    I’m so happy to see how well the teaching of mi’gmag is faring in Listuguj due to you all.

    with my best wishes for a productive continuation.

    Danielle E. Cyr, Ph.D. linguistics

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